Monday, November 18, 2013

Eulogy to my dad's vision and wisdom that changed the course of history decades ago

By Holly M. Berkowitz
Iowa City, Iowa

Veterans’ Day, November 11, 2013

My father's actions in WWII were honored with the Purple Heart and the Silver Star as a Veteran....and he taught me the importance of exceptional vision and wisdom beyond the simple, easy, cheap, quick and cash-driven obvious to save my own childrens' common future now & generations from now.....

He (and others) taught me that every action causes an equal and opposite, reciprocal (ironic) reaction scientifically, mathematically, economically, morally far beyond only one private self in our common, shared, uncertain, unlimited public future....positive actions lifting All 100% up to light.....negative actions sucking All down easy, cheap, quick.....

He taught me to count more than artificial counts, more than mechanical, cookie-cutter absolutes of human cash coins.... and that two negatives don’t always produce a positive mathematically or logically in life…

He taught me to question the obvious.

He and my mother taught me to honor and respect the fragile but critical, inalienable flows, details and productivity potentials, genius and wonders of nature that link and nourish every biological cellular organism and system on earth to hold the fragile web for all life intact….and that enable All 100% to grow upwards toward light enough to thrive and share creatively….enough to count in human cash of only 1%….

He and my mother (both teachers) helped me to understand that every action small or large causes either blessing or curse..... now & generations from now....and that we need to value exceptional, unique vision and wisdom beyond only one privatized self of privatized, deregulated bank accounts of only 1% to find and count and prevent those costs and consequences and cursesin the future… to grow blessings impossible to count in human cash… all connected to actions that link our private present to our own childrens’ future now and generations from now….and that prevention pays….

So I am not afraid to count and to value the invaluable impossible to count in human count more than artificial, mechanical and blinding human walls and barriers of  heavy, harsh, self-destructive cashflow floods that are crushing our nation and world….and to count more than deadly cashflow floods that drive our climate to morph into the most destructive storm in human history that has just hit the Philippines..(stronger than Katrina and Sandy combined)..more frequent and intense megastorms amplified by carbon emissions and urban sprawl in urban heat islands thousands of miles away…

Don’t blame God.  Blame humans that limit their vision to only one, immediate, obvious and cash-driven now.  Green our cities now.

I am not afraid to stand up and to speak out, to value the invaluable, the complex, the hidden of life’s ironies, the priceless flows and functions and life systems and earth systems (such as the aberrant Jet Stream) impossible to count in human cash....and to stand up and to speak out to challenge and block those that are destroying their own childrens' futures (and I value the Iowa Caucuses for that) ..............perhaps because privatized cashflow floods of urban walls blinds the 1% and the many… and our huge futures together that don’t fit into 15 second media spots of, by, for private pleasures of only 1%….

We need to go to the ends of the earth to see the curvature of the earth…

Our nation needs to balance nature’s hidden but critical budget of critical and hidden functions impossible to count in cash to balance our own household budgets….to keep humans alive day to day and minute to minute…

Our common futures together and survival of life on earth are not a partisan issue.  One of the most Republican voices in Washington, D.C. has begged Americans to invest in renewable energy use, production, infrastructure because he values his childrens’ futures also.   Republican Governor Terry Branstad has helped Iowa to become a leading producer of wind power for our nation.

All need to count more than cash:

Ironically, our artificial and mechanical human cash system counts the most critical flows for life the least…and counts the least critical structures the most….blinding cash systems of private, immediate, obvious worlds deteriorating daily as nature grows values…

Ironically, human cash counts the most critical and hidden flow for human life the least, O2, photosynthetic oxygen as O2 (not CO2, not CO3, not CO, not O3)….even though humans die within minutes without fragile, hidden O2….

Ironically, human cash counts the next most critical and hidden flow the next least, water as H2O….even though humans die within days without H2O…

Ironically, cash counts the next most critical and hidden flow the next least, rich, organic topsoil production and soil-makers that grow our food….even though humans die within months without food….

Ironically, human cash counts the most deadly the most, bloody diamond and gold rocks, dirty energy spills and dirty energy wars of, by, for carbon fossils that grow more and more expensive and difficult to extract for a higher and higher cost of the negative, sucking all down…..

…fricken fracken in the U.S. thoughtlessly releasing GHG methane, dirty energy propaganda claiming deceitfully that methane, “natural gas” is “clean” and “safe” when it is not….fricken fracken for methane causing terror for U.S……cashflow for only 1% not counting the fracken earthquakes, spills, sinkholes that consume entire communities, tails to fall off of cows and information blackouts of, by, for dirty energy profiteering at taxpayer expense, destroying continental drinking water aquifers impossible to “clean up”…..adding to the massive numbers of methanes released in a melting Arctic permafrost….throwing terrible costs onto the many now and generations from now….methane 25 to 100 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (CO2 units) that have already baked and drowned our planet.  Which planet are the deniers on?  Who are we listening to?  Can the blinded learn to see the logic impossible to count in cash?

My father did not earn medals of heroism to see blinded cash profiteers of only 1%, tyranny that robs my children and me, me and my childrens’ futures of health, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” of any definition….

He fought to protect me, my children and their childrens’ children, the innocent here, now and generations from now….

As the most powerful storm in human history hits land in the Philippines and in the future, I hope that our nation’s leaders will listen to the 97% of climate scientists and to their own children who have warned my nation about the catastrophic costs and consequences of catastrophic sprawl and carbon emissions…….

…….of  a) urban/industrial sprawl destroying nature’s undervalued green, absorbent “sinks” and waterways that absorb carbons cost-effectively successfully and b) pumping dirty carbon emissions thoughtlessly, carelessly into our very thin and very fragile atmosphere and c) the hidden links between causes and consequences, the inalienable web for all life, the laws of nature and the laws of moral reciprocity of critical flows… declare war on carbon emissions and war on destruction of green “sinks”………war on cash-driven ignorance and apathy that threaten to destroy the future my father promised me.

Can you help, please?  We may soon lose our opportunities to change the course of history.


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