Thursday, March 31, 2016

We need Bernie Sanders now to stop or slow our 6th Extinction, our Anthropocene please, to

We need Bernie Sanders now to stop or slow our 6th Extinction, our Anthropocene please, to:

* leave dinosaurs in the ground now
* count more than cash and value invaluable critical but uncountable flows and productivity of nature's genius to satisfy basic critical needs of living cells selves our globe to filter critical but uncountable flows of by for produce enough critical flows to consume, to consume enough to produce as an ecological economy, a more logical economy to reduce our need for cash (since cash systems substitute for structures and functions after humans have crushed nature's ability to produce supplies for our in our Biblical parable of Adam and Eve).... to slash our need for energy..Let nature do the work.....and stop crushing nature.....we need nature's amazing producers to satisfy demands of many ....then we don't need cash systems to interfere!
* count energy efficiency/conservation/recycling as important fuel equivalent
* convert cash-driven fossil fuel dying economies to 100% Green Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance instead....Renewable Energy to substitute for dirty deadly fossilized fuels to lower C emissions....absorbent green watersheds to absorb carbon => lower carbon levels on earth to lower risks of stop causing hell on earth and grow heaven instead
* 100% Renewable Energy by 2050, 80% by 2030, 100% doable if fossil fuel industries would use energy expertise to help shift from fossil fuel to Renewable Energy now to slash climate carbon emissions
* protect plant grow Absorbent Green Photosynthetic Watersheds as tools to absorb climate carbon into living carbon of photosynthesis and topsoil to convert a financial liability of climate carbon into a financial asset of green living carbon like wood leaves activation of critical cycles to revive dying watersheds, deserts, dying lifecycle, dying water cycles, dying air cycles to invigorate life on stop the extinction now.
* Harvest free infinite supplies of Renewable Energy now that we're wasting if we don't harvest it....a Green Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance to lift all up to light of our sun enough to produce abundant riches to count + to produce critical but uncountable flows of air O2 water H2O topsoil green to grow food and shelter to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute....obvious or not, counted in cash or not.....
* Nominate and vote for Bernie Sanders for US President please because he understands that Exxon's human carbon emissions have caused climate change heating chaos...that is causing our 6th Extinction/Anthropocene. He knows how to keep earth alive....but the cash-driven do not.


Your Children Thank You.

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