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To Rise or To FAll...That is the Question....

To Rise or to Fall…That is the Question

By Holly M. Berkowitz
11 March 2016

America can not afford to self-destruct.  

Tell that to the cash-driven fossil fuel industries
that are destroying US

Humans have used human cash as an important tool to build great human cities and great human civilizations for thousands of years….but our human cash system can also crush and destroy the fragile but hidden, critical genetic potentials, genius in every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self that wants to reach up toward light of our sun enough to produce abundant riches to count, to lift all up + to produce critical but uncountable flows, cycles, logic, synergy, productivity enough to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute… and generations from now and longer.

So human cities rose and fell.  So human civilizations rose and fell for thousands of years as humans crushed the abilities of their land and lives to produce enough to carry them into a future of any definition.

About 150 years ago, humans discovered that combustion of carbon molecules could power our cities and transportation and dreams of totalitarian comfort and convenience at all costs, blinding us….leading America to to build exponential expansion, explosions of by for Industrial Revolution of sprawl to fill private bank accounts of engineers of the artificial….while also crushing the ability of nature, of life to produce enough critical flows, cycles, logic, synergy, productivity of by for life to consume enough to function….obvious or not, counted in cash or not.

So our human cities rise and our human cities fall….as carbon emissions of the last 150 years have caused carbon levels to hit dangerous levels…the most significant often hidden the most from  most, carbon in air causing air to heat more and more rapidly and with more extremes more and more chaotically through time, especially the last decade, carbon levels highest now that in the last 15 millions years (XXXXXXXXX) disrupting critical abilities of life to function, killing synergy between entire critical life systems on earth, cell to self to globe and entire earth systems……

Earth systems of life and land rarely obey laws of a linear, flat earth stuck in flat walls of the simple.

Instead, rising carbon levels, pollutant levels, heating, chaos has caused the most rapid heating in our polar regions
·      melting our polar regions as rapidly as our yards after a snow,
·      causing our 6th extinction/Anthropocene even threatening the majestic Polar Bear,
·      our global oceans absorbing heat at the rate of about 4 atomic bombs per second…..triggering
·      massive, unbelievable climate catastrophes such as 3 to 5 of the most powerful Frankenstorms on earth to ever hit land in the last 3 to 5 years (Winston, Haiyan, Sandy…),
·      clear evidence of links between carbon level buildup, heating and massive disruption of entire earth systems….
·      CO2 causing our oceans to turn acidic destroying shells in the ocean…
·      a rapidly melting Greenland threatening to cause earth’s oceans to rise about 20 feet in time….
·      a rapidly melting Antarctica (64 degrees F last year) threatening to cause earth’s oceans to rise about 200 feet in time….so that
·      our US Pentagon/Department of Defense warned the Bush-Cheney White House in 2004 that “climate change” is causing a significant “national security threat” to the United States:  Climate heating is causing
·      massive destruction of the ability of earth/land/life to produce enough critical flows and critical productivity enough for many to consume…..for life and land to carry entire populations into a future….
·      causing massive migrations of entire nations in search of a land that can produce enough to satisfy basic critical needs of entire populations… Syria’s drought is the worst in 900 years….causing civil unrest/war that war and fossil fuel profiteers and liars want to turn into private profits, manufacturing explosive hype to send American dollars into their private bank account….at public taxpayer expense.

But a cash-driven fossil fuel industry put Bush-Cheney into our nation’s White House….and the fossil fuel industry profits privately from fossil fuel extraction, shipping, processing, distribution, wars, consumption of fossil fuels that caused the carbon emissions of the last 150 years, the last 35 years that have caused Climate Armageddon in 2016.

The fossil fuel industry pulls the strings of our US Executive Branch, our US Legislative Branch and our US Judicial, it seems….because many/most Americans assume erroneously that fossil fuels cause total comfort and convenience for Americans….and that switching to another form of energy would cause pain and suffering……but they are wrong.

As dead fossilized energy becomes more and more scarce and more and more difficult and costly and explosive and war-causing to access, extract, ship, process, transport again, sell, clean up messes impossible to “clean up” causing catastrophic health care costs, disabilities, premature death, epidemic loss of producticvity of entire communities uncounted,…..political sluts blindly ignore deadly costs uncounted by fossil fuel industry “creative accountants” and political sluts hungry for empty dollars….

I had nightmares for years about all nations of the world destroying their selves over shrinking and poorer and poorer qualities and  quantities of dying fossil fuels….that are harder and harder, more and more expensive, difficult, self-destructive to access…until I learned that:

·      solar energy could satisfy all energy needs on earth x 11,000 (ETOM 2013)
·      wind energy could also satisfy all energy needs on earth numerous times (AWEA 2015)
·      water and waves could also satisfy all energy needs on earth numerous times (Inhabitat 2015)
·      not counting geothermal, waste heat harvesting, biofuels of connecting the disconnected enough to activate hidden genetic potetnials and power, treadmills, tomatoes, potatoes, ethanol, gravity, imagination unlimited

So why did the Iowa’s Iowa Utility Board /IUB even consider installing a tar sands pipeline through Iowa, the “dirtiest fuel on the planet” that threatens to crush, poison, destroy some of the best and most productive topsoil on earth, spills impossible to “clean up” despite lies that the tar sands pipeline is “safe” and that “Iowa needs the jobs”… cleaning up messes of tar sands impossible to “clean up”    only under 20 jobs after the pipeline is built…..and not “safe” but  instead safer than train bombs of tar sands or truck bombs of tar sands that explode and destroy entire communities in the last several years, an obscene and illogical lie erected to blind us with emotional button explosions so we’ll buy their snake oil….a tar sands pipeline through Iowa meaning that the “game’s over” in our efforts to keep earth livable now and generations from now. 

We wont buy the snake oil.

We demand that our public represnestaitves represent even those without a voice, damn it.

Iowa’s Iowa Utility Board sold itself  to a dirty, deadly, catastrophic tar sands pipeline impossible to “clean –up” because the pimps paid so much…..even after Republican Governor Branstad signed a bipartisan (US) Governors’ Clean Energy Accord just weeks earlier to commit Iowa to switching to “cleaner energy” of  Renewable Energy to lower our carbon emissions to lower our risks of catastrophic climate heating that is casuing our 6th extinction.  Why?  This makes no sense.

The cash-driven fossil fuel industry and our human cash system does not represent logic…and in fact try to obstruct access to vision and wisdom and scientific literacy and logic or even common sense…… that we need to detect links between deadly actions and deadly outcomes….as the cash-driven tobacco industry tried to tell us not to worry and to trust the tobacco industry with our health.

That was a mistake.

Our cash-driven assumptions today are a deadly mistake also….and we are throwing the deadly costs onto our own children, crushing their future, our nation’s future, our own futures stupidly.

But some just don’t get it and limit their counts to mechanical rates of human cash that crush life on earth.

Humans do not have long to lower carbon levels enough to stop runaway effects, catastrophes caused by carbon molecule heating of our common climate/atmosphere/air that I share with Exxon.

Doesn’t my US Constitution protect me from criminals that try to hurt me?

Or are we a cash-driven oil+archy now instead?

Does the fossil fuel industry not even care about their own children’s future, their own family’s future, their own private future?

All hands on deck now to change the course of human history now:

·      keep global heating under 1 degree Celsius (Hansen, 2016; 2016) to keep earth livable
·      leave the dinosaurs in the ground now to stop causing hell/6th extinction on earth
·      shift now to 100% Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance by 2050, 80% by 2030, 100% doable scientifically with political will ( 2015 , 2015 , Jacobson MZ 2015 2016 )....100% doable if the fossilized dead energy industries and GOP would help transition now....or get out of the way...
·      count more than mechanical rates of cash to redefine our word "eco+nomic" as more than mechanical rates of human cash that crush life on earth.....and learn to value the invaluable, the priceless, the uncountable productivity and flows of by for life that we need to lift all 100% up to light enough to count
·      convert harsh, impermeable surfaces (e.g. urban heat islands and eroded lands, wastelands, deserts) into absorbent, green, growing watersheds/oases/heaven of by for
o    growing lush, tall, native vegetative buffer strips and deep roots to cultivate and produce rich, organic topsoils enough to absorb climate carbon to
o   reduce global climate carbon levels as soon as possible to level enough to keep heating to under 1 degree C ,
o   to clean air/water/topsoil, life, to clean up human messes/toxics (Licht, 2006, , 2006), to
o   nurture positive potentials enough to grow positives enough to fill in hungry voids of the negative to prevent the negative,  to
o   recharge groundwater aquifers and
o   nurture critical living systems of by for air, water, topsoil growing green inalienables abundantly enough to satisfy basic critical needs wants desires dreams of any living organism, to
o   produce critical but uncountable supplies enough to consume, to consume critical but uncountable supplies enough to produce, to
o   manage complex systems of public infrastructure foundations and nature’s fragile producers with scientific literacy and caring enough to
o   prevent deadly, costly destruction of exponential negative cycles of by for floods, droughts, desertification, exponential costs, catastrophes, climate heating, chaos, looting, cruelty, desensitization that causes cruelty and negatives, deregulation of laws we need to protect the innocent, collapse of human cities and human civilziations ....and to
o   prime the pump with necessary resources to activate dying but critical water cycles, air cycles, life cycles, flows, cycles, logic synergy productivity inalienable indivisible uncountable exchange, cooperation, logic, creativity, abilities, wisdom, adaptation among living organisms/schedules syncronized, to
o   activate dying watersheds, dying life cycles, dying air cycles and entire earth systems such as our inalienable, indivisible, uncountable patterns, flows, cyles, logic of the divine of by for climate, oceans, land and life  on earth growing upwards toward light enough to grow heaven on earth buffer us and life from extremes caused stupid and careless of the cash-driven…
o   nurture our cities enough to nurture us in peace now and generations from now...
·      demand that the cash-driven fossil fuel industries and GOP stop obstructing, manipulating, destroying critical public flows of critical public information and critical public resources of life and land and productivity and cleansing that our public needs to keep earth and our common but uncountable future together alive, earth and life and future impossible to count in mechanical rates of private cash coins of only one obvious bank account now that crushes life on earth....that crushes the future of the self stupidly
·      hold criminals accountable for their crimes by demanding that they help save their own children’s future, their own family’s future, their own private future now from their evil, cruel, insensitive, destructive ways…..and apply their energy and expertise and caring as a living organism (all hide good, all hide bad in the self) to help America and world anda children/family and self to shift now immediately from our deadly cash-driven fossil fuels addictions and sprawl....immediately to a safer, more affordable, more functional, more sharing, more productive, more positive, outcome-focused, public, inalienable life-web, protective, nurturing, uplifting, synergistic, logical, scientific, rewarding, satisfying Renewable Energy Economic Renaissance that harvests free, infinite supplies of free, safe, affordable energy of by for all 100% to share freely enough to energize us and power our entire economy, all needs enough to connect the disconnected enough to activate hidden genetic potentials in our population, life and land enough to grow heaven abundantly enough to lift all 100% up to satisfying self determination enough for all to learn to build great human cities and great human stop the self-destruction, cell or self or nation or learn to reach far beyond the obvious enough to discover and document moral laws of reciprocity to fill in hungry voids of the negative....and to grow heaven on earth instead....
·      leave the dinosaurs and blinding, insensitive, desensitizing, destructive, cash-driven stupidity in the ground to stop causing hell on earth
·      reach far beyond the obvious, privatized, short-term absolutes to discover nature’s wonders enough to adapt and survive
·      care enough to reach beyond one private self of by for cash enough to grow heaven on earth instead….to plant, protect and grow heaven on earth of by for all to share freely, free from want, free from fear enough to care, enough to
·      balance critical flows of nature’s budget enough to balance our own budget of cash


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