Sunday, December 8, 2013

Humans have caused the messes…so humans can clean them up before it's too late.

Humans have caused the messes, so humans can clean them up….by divesting from dirty energy follies and investing in smart renewable economies powered by smart solar power, smart wind power, smart geothermal power, smart biofuels, smart gravity, a "smart grid" imagination and vision beyond the obvious, by minimizing waste and curse, by maximizing positive actions to grow positives, growth, harvesting nature's gifts, letting nature do our work for us, such as powering our economy with renewables now, asap, immediately, yesterday before it's too late.

The sun could power all energy needs on earth x 11,000… why haven't we invested in the tools we need to harvest it…… to free our selves from deadly oil wars of the cash-driven 1% that crush the many?

The cash-driven fossil fuel industry of the 1% assume erroneously that they need to push the many down to divide to conquer to crush the competition…. to lift the private self up….but they are wrong, very, very wrong, wrong scientifically, wrong mathematically, wrong economically, wrong economically, wrong morally and often wrong legally.

The cash-driven 1% assume erroneously that they can "control the world" by pushing the 100% down….even their own children under their cash-driven pyramid schemes, scams and secrecy….under a negative cash-driven, dying economy.

But every seed, seedling, soil wants to grow upwards toward light to produce abundant riches of the earth enough for All 100% to share freely….a positive economy of critical flows impossible to count in cash where all can harvest riches of the earth whenever they want.

I do not buy the lies.   Do you?

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