Saturday, November 28, 2015

By 2030! 100% Renewable Energy to Free US From Our Addictions to Dead Energy En Route

November 28, 2015


Holly M. Berkowitz, BA, RHIT
40 Gallup Place
Iowa City, Iowa  52246

To Who Cares:

Re:  Whether or not...."100% Renewable-Powered World ‘Technically Feasible and Economically Viable’ by 2030” please.  Thanks.  Your Children/Family Thank You.

Dear Wonderers of the World,

This anti-climatic, so lowly-called “debate” is over….and it is now the time to act asap now immediately yesterday…. whether or not you know 100%, whether or not you can find your way through the rubble in Paris or through the thick walls erected in my US Congress….to stop humans causing hell on earth and stop blaming my god erroneously…and start to grow heaven now immediately to lift all up to light enough to prosper instead…even a cash-driven 1%....

The question is if you care enough:



"100% Renewable-Powered World ‘Technically Feasible and Economically Viable’ by 2030"

Please stop causing hell on earth now & Stop blaming my god for the mess we + Exxon made.

Why not?    

100% Renewables Now ...At Least By 2030 to Keep Earth & U.S.
Alive & Functional Now, Please....

!Climate Action Now In Paris ASAP!

Harvest Free Renewable Energy Of By For 100% Renewable World by 2030 to Lift All Up to Light, 

To Free All From Terror of Want and Fear….Even a Cash-driven 1%...

* Leave the Dinosaurs in the Ground Where They Belong…With A Carbon Neutral Tax Refunded to Those Who Care
*Exxon & the Cash-driven:  Stop Causing Hell On Earth Now & 
Help Your Own Children & Family to Pick Up & Clean Up the Messes We Have Made Together for the Last 35 years, the last 150 years...
* Redefine Our Word, "Economy" as More Than Mechanical Rates of Human Cash that Crush US & Life….
and learn Word Roots, “Eco-“ as in “eco+nomic” and “eco+logic” that means “house” 
or “oikos” in Greek (~eco)…..
But not every house nurtures those within, cell or self or globe inalienable.  
Some houses crush and destroy those within.  
We can’t afford that..….
We Need Nature’s Amazing but Hidden Genius to Grow Critical Flows for Life Enough to Nourish & Nurture US now & in our future….& 
* Also to Value the Invaluable Uncountable Hidden but Critical Flows & Productivity Impossible to Count in Mechanical Rates of Human Cash 
Mechanical Rates of Cash that Crush Life on Earth, 
* to Learn to Value the Invaluable, Critical, Uncountable, Priceless, Ironically Undervalued Flows of by for Life to Grow 
Our human cash system counting the most critical flows for life the least…and the least critical the most, the most deadly the most stupidly…..
Crushing life on earth….
the Critical but Hidden Flows, Cycles, Productivity of by for Life to Consume Enough to Produce, 
to Produce Enough to Consume to cycle Now and Generations from Now so we can
Balance Nature’s Budget So We Can Balance Our Own Of Cash…..
Enough to Value the Invaluable, the Undercounted, Uncounted, Inalienable, the Indivisible of by for Life to Lift All Up to Light
to Activate & Inspire Nature’s Fragile but Critical, Hidden Genetic Potentials, Genius, 
Infinitely Intricate & Vast Flows & Cycles & Productivity of by for Lifting All Up…
to Fill in Hungry Voids of the Negative…to Hold Our Fragile Web For All Life Intact….to
 Lift Life Up Enough of by for Every Living Cell, Seed, Seedling, Soil, Self to Reach Up toward Light of Our Sun 
enough to Produce Enough, Enough Impossible to Count in Cash Coins of Human Cities of Walls that Block Critical Flows…
enough to produce enough ….
1) abundant riches to count +
 2) critical flows of by for life uncountable O2, H2O, Topsoil, green to grow food and shelter 
to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute….generation to generation and more….

* Harvest Free Renewable Energy Of By For 100% Renewable World by 2030 to Lift All Up to Light, To Free All From Terror of Want and Fear….Even a Cash-driven 1%...
* Grow Greener, More Functional, Absorbent, Productive, Integrating, Satisfying Watersheds to
 * Absorb Carbon as Cx with Phytoremediation to Turn Financial Liabilities into Financial Assets, Obvious or Not, Counted in Rates of Cash or Not…&
* Grow Heaven On Earth Instead by 2030 to Lift All Up to Light Enough to Laugh Now and Generations From Now,
Obvious or not, counted in mechanical rates of cash or not….

It’s not hard if we care.


Your Children & Family Thank You.


It's Eco+Nomic+Logical, Stupid


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