Friday, December 18, 2015

Stop Causing Hell On Earth And Grow Heaven Instead

Earth has nurtured life and evolution of cellular intelligence and productivity, nature’s hidden genetic potentials and genius to produce satisfying satisfaction enough for US for billions of years, yet a cash-driven few have conspired to crush life here in only 150 years of dirty dead energy carbon emissions that humans assumed they needed to power our cities….dirty human carbon emissions of the last 150 years, the last 35/40 years climbing to very dangerous and explosive levels that threaten the ability of life’s fragile but critical functions to function enough to survive and balance nature’s budgets enough for us to balance our own.

But those hidden but monstrous carbon molecules of carbon dioxide/CO2 and variants Cxyz_#($#@)$(&%*$)@( have accumulated for 150 years to levels that human history and earth have never seen before, threatening the ability of humans and life on earth to continue in positive terms, in any terms at all.

Those that masterminded the carbon emissions as a tool to fill privatized, immediate, egotistical bank accounts of only 1% have conspired for more than 150 years, especially the last 35 years of a cash-driven ExxonKochIncorporation of cash-driven lies to fill our airwaves with virtual illusion and mirage to deflect and crush any efforts, and to crush critical flows of information/critical resources that earth and humans need to control and reduce those deadly levels of Cx enough to keep earth livable in any terms (Hansen, 2007).

99.9859832809147#($*%#)@(*&% of real climate scientists who have written real peer reviewed scientific articles investigating the buildup of carbon levels of human carbon emissions in the last 150 years agree that  1) skyrocketing levels of carbon in earth’s atmosphere are causing earth’s atmosphere (and oceans) to heat to levels never before seen in human history (Lawrence, 2015) and that heating threatens the abilities of human cities and civilization to function and to survive on earth  and 2) human carbon emissions of our “Industrial Revolution” of the last 150 years has caused that heating that threatens human cities globally (Lawrence, 2015) and civilization to survive……and  that 3) humans need to keep the rate of heating to under 2 degrees Celsius/centigrade to keep earth livable (IPCC)….But James Hansen of NASA has warned that even a 2 degree C limit to heating would cause earth to become “uninhabitable”…..If Greenland melted, earth’s seas would rise about 20 feet…If Antarctica melted, seas would rise about 200 feet, drowning most coastal areas globally….so that the climate negotiators in Paris in December, 2015 at COP21 recommended and required that all parties require a 2 degrees C limit to temperature escalation (since the beginning of human’s Industrial Revolution more than 150 years ago)…but shoot for a 1.5 degree C limit.

Yet, Exxon knew more than 35/40 years ago that their carbon emissions (as CO2 + Cxqweri[oityiowpr#*$&#@_)#&* from Exxon and other cash-driven fossilized dead energy industries of by for private bank accounts of only 1%) would cause carbon levels and exponential heated and extreme consequences of global system disruption and chaos in our shared atmosphere/oceans/terrestrial lands to rise and cause heating enough to cause catastrophic disruptions of ancient earth systems of critical flows of inalienable uncountable air and water and living cellular organisms that all life on earth needs to survive, to balance nature’s budget of fragile but critical O2óCO2 and water as H2O and life as hidden genetic potentitials/genius impossible to count in mechanical rates of human cash registers that crush life and potentials for producing “life, liberty (from want and fear) and the pursuit of happiness” on earth.

1)   carbon molecule (as CO2 [and massive variations of Cxyzp2(%#@*$&@_%/hb) )(!@) ] buildup in our earth’s atmosphere has caused earth’s tiny atmosphere to become dirtier and hotter [and more much more destabilized as heated systems become more active and chaotic/chemistry], to heat to dangerous levels never before found in earth’s history of human history (or beyond)…..and that
2)   human carbon emissions of our 150 years of our human dependencies on artificial and carbon-powered machine-powered “Industrial Revolution” and urban sprawl
a.     [toxics and kinetic forces and hatred, division, strive, war of a cash-driven “military-industrial complex” of by for privatized cash profiteering of by for a force-driven, blinded, fossilized dead energy industry of by for an inbred cash-driven 1%]
b.     that crushes ironically fragile (but critical) productivity of fragile, rich topsoils that human cities need to grow postiives enough to fulfill basic critical needs of the many in our cities  and
c.      that crushes the abilities of absorbent green, native watersheds to produce critical flows enough to balance nature’s budget of living organisms on earth that humans need to produce enough to consume
d.     that crushes living organisms that consume critical but uncountable flows enough to produce enough critical flows to produce enough critical flows enough for all to consume, to share freely, to free all from want and fear in a free system of by for freedom from want and fear,
e.     holding our fragile web for all life intact,
f.      hidden but critical flows ironically hidden uncounted nurturing our human cities to grow upwards enough to survive and to prosper obvious or not, counted in cash or not
g.     human cities that die without the critical but uncounted flows of by for nature’s amazing productivity of tiny but critical, hidden but vital productivity potentials in every living cell, seed, seedling, soil that wants to grow upwards toward light of our sun enough to produce abundant riches enough to count……plus also to produce enough critical but uncountable flows cycles exponential productivity enough to lift All 100% up to abundant positives enough to satisfy basic critical needs, wants, desires, dreams enough to grow a lasting legacy enough to label our a “human civilization” of by for civil government that can find abilities and will to build safe, affordable access of by for all 100% to a safe, affordable, supportive, essential Public Infrastructure Foundation of hope that All share enough to build enough to grow a vital legacy impossible to count in cash, in privatized human cashflow floods that crush life on earth][artificial cash and artificial carbon genies the currency of that 150 years (as opposed to real critical flows of by for life as the currency of life)] dependencies on carbon as Cx have caused that unprecedented buildup and heating, baking, drowning of earth’s atmosphere and earth that is also heating and acidifying our oceans, causing massive, regular, more and more intense and frequent catastrophic flooding, droughts, desertification, acidification of our oceans threatening the survival of shellfish and therefore the food chain system of the entire ocean and earth….global heating most severe in polar regions (4 degrees F ~   C) melting Arctic ice at dangerous rates and destabilizing Antarctica’s major ice shelves that if separated from the continent could cause sea levels to rise to deadly levels abruptly [drowning human cities on earth’s oceans abruptly]…..polar melting unleashing very ancient methane/CH4/NG/”natural gas” that is not when released into our atmosphere (because the dinosaurs need to stay in the ground)….methane/CH4/”natural gas” that is not much more deadly for causing climate catastrophes because CH4 seeks to react rapidly with O2, O=O that we breathe….and it also heats our atmosphere more than 20 to 100 times more powerfully than carbon dioxide/CO2 that has already baked and drowned earth too much causing much too much suffering.

But some just don’t get it and don’t seem to care….as long as their

Every living, biological cell on earth wants to reach up toward light of our sun to harvest energy enough to grow upwards and grow stabilitizing roots for security and produce abundant riches to count in obvious terms to produce uncountable, indivisible critical flows such as radiant energy, O2<=>CO2 flows cycles productivity far beyond the obvious, water flows, cycles, inalienable watersheds of by for H2O production, filtering, O2 cooling and rich organic topsoil and soil+maker communities that want to grow green riches enough to grow food and shelter and laughter, uncountable blessings enough to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute....generation to generation….

But some just don't get it and limit their counts to mechanical rates of obvious, artificial, private, shortsighted human cashflow floods that crush life on earth....egotistically limiting their private counts to their own privatized, deregulating, cost-shifting, immediate, obvious, imprisoning perceptions of thick, dense linear urban walls and barriers erected to keep one private self in and the other out....even to block critical flows from nature's amazing genius and generosity far beyond the obvious that human cities need to survive and thrive day to day and minute to minute....generation to generation out....crushing life on earth.

Ironically, our human cash system counts the most critical flows for life the least .....and the least critical the most, the most deadly stones, walls and barriers of war of by for only one bank account of 1% the most….crushing life.

Ironically, our human cash counts the most critical and hidden flow, O2 the least...breathable, photosynthetic, fragile, hidden oxygen as O2 the least …..even though humans die within minutes without O2...

Ironically, our human cash counts the next most critical and hidden flow for life, water as H2O the next least.....even though humans die within days without H2O...

Ironically, our human cash counts the next most critical and hidden flow for life, topsoil production the next least, rich, carbonated, organic topsoil production and icky soil+makers of life’s complex web of flows and producers the next least.....carbonated topsoil to grow green and to grow food enough to eat.....even though humans die within months without food.

But also ironically, human cash also counts the least critical stones the most, the  most deadly the most....bloody diamonds and gold, dirty dead energy and dirty wars and lies the most....even though cashflow floods of hatred, division, strife and war crush life on earth.

Have we forgotten what we’re counting?

Humans have used human cash systems as an important tool to build great human cities and great human civilizations for thousands of years….but thick, dense forces of urban walls and barriers also crush and destroy the fragile but critical living cells, seeds, seedlings, soils, selves that want to reach up toward light of our sun that nurtures that self to grow upwards enough to produce abundant riches enough to count in obvious terms….plus to produce abundant critical flows, cycles, productivity squared enough for every living cell on earth to consume enough to produce and to produce enough to consume now and forever, nature’s genius lifing all 100% up to light of our sun, even a cash-driven 1%.

Our word root, "eco-" as in "eco+nomic" as in name and number...and as in "eco+logic" as in logic, intelligent, log of mathematical significance and meaning means "house" or "oikos" in Greek (~ eco).....but not every house nurtures those within.

Some houses crush and destroy those within and their hidden but critical productivity.   Slave owners also crush productivity so that tyrants fail every time.

Humans need nature's hidden but critical genetic potentials, genius in every living cell on earth to produce abundant riches to count to produce critical but uncountable flows for life of by for every living cell on earth to filter enough, to consume enough to produce, to produce enough to consume.....enough to balance nature's budget enough so we can balance our own.....enough for nature's amazing producers to produce enough for human's consumptive cities to consume enough….enough to nurture our houses enough to grow nurturing homes instead to produce abundant positives to count enough….to fill in hungry voids of the negative enough to grow heaven on earth instead.

Humans need nature's amazing but hidden productivity of every living cell on earth to produce enough critical flows for human cities to consume enough to keep human cities alive day to day and minute to minute.

But some just don't get it and assume erroneously that only dead human walls, barriers and artificial machines produce.  Wrong.

Perhaps as our nation grasped for the flashy glitz of cashflow floods and virtual illusion and mirage of shiny urban walls and barriers powered by our machines powered by dirty dead energy, we forgot that we need grounding on the rich, organic topsoil and abundant, green absorbent watersheds of by for life on earth that enabled us to evolve enough to build human cities.

Perhaps we need a more logical economy, an eco+logical economy of by for logic for our house that counts more than mechanical rates and empty numbers of machines crushing  life to divide US….and that counts logic for life also, logic reaching to discover hidden links between actions and outcomes….every action causing an outcome….positive actions causing positive actions slowly to lift all up to light enough to grow positives enough to prosper in peace now and generations from now forever….negative actions causing negative outcomes to suck all down into gravity, into negatives, costs, self-destruction easy, cheap, quick.  Tyrants fail every time.

We need to ask if our human machine-driven “economic” system limits our counts to mechcanical rates of human cash, crushing to divide to count and count to divide to conquer to crush the competition, the other, the diverse, the non+same…..not to share.

Life shares freely to survive and thrive, however.

How can life and logic survive if humans continue to crush our abilities and will to value the invaluable, the uncountable logic and hidden genetic productivity potentials, genius of life to grow positives, to reach up far beyond the obvious enough to produce abundant riches enough to count….and also to produce abundant but uncountable critical flows, cycles, productivity exponential enough to lift all life up to light enough to laugh in any language or color?

Those that limit their counts to mechanical rates of only one privatized, immediate point of view of only one prefab set of boxes that cannot even imagine life’s infinity continue to crush life and logic on earth……crushing the ability of humans to survive their selves.

Can we produce a more logical economy before we crush our selves?

Can we honor and respect the critical but hidden genetic potentials and genius of amazing creativity that our human cities need in every living cell, seed, seedling, soil, self, cell or self or nation or globe to reach up toward light of our sun to harvest nature’s gifts to us enough to 1) stop causing hell on earth and 2) to grow heaven on earth instead, obvious or not to one private self, counted in private coins of one private self or not.

Count more than cash to value the invaluable, the uncountable, the priceless range of values far from the obvious impossible to count in human cash please.   We need a more logical economy that reaches far beyond the obvious enough to grow positives enough please to balance our budgets of any terms enough to survive and thrive, obvious to one self or not, counted in mechanical rates of human cash or not, human cash crushing positives, nature’s genetic genius lifting all up to light, nurturing us and all enough to thrive, counted in cash or not.

Count more than cash to value the invaluable uncountable….and value the invaluable enough to count more than cash, to leave the dinosaurs in the ground to stop causing hell on earth.  Thank you.   Your children thank you.

Every living cell on earth filters all critical flows of nature's amazing, divine generosity for free, freely, abundantly, exponentially growing upwards to produce enough to consume freely and to consume freely enough to produce freely enough to free US from want and fear….to satisfy basic critical needs, wants, desires, dreams of the many, of by for All….even a cash-driven a Garden for Eden satisfied basic needs, wants, desires, dreams of Adam and Eve until they crushed the ability of that garden to produce enough….causing flooding, drought, desertification instead.

Noah understood that earth’s life’s hidden but critical genetic potenttials in every living cell, seed, seedling, self grew abundance and critical flows to keep life alive.

But some just don't get it and blindly limit their private and public counts to thick, dense, deadly walls, barriers and cashflow floods of only one private, short-sighted, blinding bank account of empty numbers that crush life on earth......a cash-driven 1% blocking safe, affordable access to critical flows, cycles, productivity of by for life on earth…..even for the private self, destroying the self  labeling the crushing erroneously, ironically as “profit” "business"...and "capitalism" and "development" and "economy" of by for mechanical rates of cash of only one private self of only one private bank account of only 1% now......destroying their own children's future, their own family's future, their own future stupidly.  

Real "free market capitalists" do not crush and destroy critical producers of by for productivity on earth….and do not cling to privatized force of the immediate to crush and destroy the real engine of life's productivity and real wealth, satisfying self-determination and fulfillment of basic critical needs wants desires dreams of by for All on earth…..even a blinded and deadly cash-driven 1%....  

Real eco+nomic capitalists remember what  they are counting in both name and number and nurture nations carefully, thoughtfully, more logically with genius, vision, wisdom and scientific literacy instead….to shape a more positive future for all… stop causing hell on earth and to grow heaven on earth instead.

I know we can balance our private, public, nature’s life’s budgets enough to keep nature productive enough…….to balance both nature’s budgtets and human budgets of the private and public selves….. between nature's amazing, infinite positive productivity of by for free critical flows cycles producticvity to lift all up to light.....and to minimize humans consumptive, destructive, costly dead walls and barriers and forces of the private/immediate/egotistical/blinded self of only one obvious now that blocks and crushes critical flows, cycles and productivity of by for life that we need to produce critical flows enough....enough to keep human cities alive day to day and  minute to minute....generation to generation…

Please…..It's time now to grow heaven on earth instead now and generations from now forever:

·      Leave the Dinosaurs in the Ground Now to Stop Causing Hell On Earth… 
·      Learn To Value The Uncountable Invaluables Of Economically, Efficiently Harvesting Free, Abundant, Cleaner, Healthier Energy of Free Abundant Flows of Light of Our Sun and Wind and Water Etc. That Can Easily Lift All Up to Positives Enough to Count More than In the Past and Forever If We Can
·      Count More Than Obsessive-Compulsive, Blinding, Cruel, Limiting, Consumptive Mechanical Artificial Rates of Human Cash of Only 1%, Empty Numbers Of By For Forces Of the Negative That Crush Life On Earth ….to Leave the Dinosaurs in the Ground….To Stop Causing Hell On Earth Now, to Stop Sucking All Down, even A Cash-driven 1% down Into Negatives of Hatred, Division, Strife, War of the Last Bloody Century
·      Reject Cash-Driven “Global Military Supremacy” as Outlined by the 2000 “Project for a New American Century” before 9/11, 9/11 an “excuse” to cause “unending war” … forces of by for seizing gas and oil, fossilized dead energy reserves in other nations, mostly Islamic nations……Signed by iconic Architects of Reagan-Bush-Cheney’s Attempts of the last century to Seize Total Control of Fossil Fuel Reserves around the Globe with Privatized and Cash-driven Forces of Hatred, Division, Strife, War to Crush Any Political or Economic Resistance to Totalitarian Crushing of Life and Other Cultures on Earth, Crushing Even their Own Children’s futures, their own futures stupidly….Bush’s grandfather Thyssen an architect of the cash-driven industrialization of the “military-industrial complex” of by for both WW1 and WWII…..even Hitler’s rise to power….
·      Value More than Cash-driven, Privatizing, Blinding, Terminal Forces of the Negative of “Global Military Supremacy
·      Question the omniscient lies of a cash-driven dead energy industry to tell us that we need deadly but glittery, hypnotic cashflow floods into privatized bank accounts of a dead energy industry of only lift the private self up to totalitarian comfort and convenience….and that a cash-driven 1% owns our god…that we need to crush any different from the same of by for “national security” to win…..To win what?  Have we forgotten what we’re counting?  Do we remember to count outcomes of our actions in addition to the rates?   Are the rates of our cashflow floods crushing us and our ability to produce meaningful/useful/critical outcomes enough to survive and thrive as living organisms on a living planet?   Or are we grasping for cash-driven bandaids that blind us to crush and destroy our selves?
·      Hold the Criminals Accountable to Help To Heal A Broken World that they Have Smashed….Needing Reach Far Beyond The Obvious/Privatized/Linear/Flat/Immediate/Urbanizing Walls and Barriers of Hate To Learn To Honor And Respect Nature’s Fragile Potentials Far Beyond the Obvious…to Enable Their Children to Learn to Reach Far Beyond the Obvious of Linear/Flat Urban Walls of Human Cities Enough to Discover Wonders of Nature Far Beyond the Obvious
·      Harvest Now A 100% Renewable Energy Renaissance Economy Of By For More Positive Efficiency & Productivity Instead To Lift All Up To More Positive Outcomes Of By For All 100% To Share More Freely Free From Want And Fear Now 100% Doable by 2030 (Jacobson, 2015)….
·      Grow and Protect and Nurture Nature’s Fragile But Hidden, Ingenious Green Absorbent Native Healthy Inalienable Uncountable Watersheds & Functionss and Logic to Produce Life’s Abundant But Uncountable Riches Enough to Absorb Carbon/Cx from our Atmosphere to Turn A Terrible $ Financial Liability into A Very Promising $ Financial Asset Enough Instead
·      Grow and Protect and Nurture Nature’s Ingenious But Hidden Green Absorbent Native Healthy Watersheds of Productive Positive Potentials to Activate Dying Water Cycles On Earth Inalieanble From Life’s Fragile But Critical, Uncountable O2ó CO2 Flows, Cycles, Productivity Of By for Animal Respiration ó Plant Photosynthesis On Earth That Has Made Evolution of by for Life On Earth for Billions of Years
·      Nurture Nature’s Fragile But Critical, Hidden But Powerful Genetic Potentials in Every Living Cell, Seed, Seedling, Soil, Self, Cell or Self or Nation or Globe to Produce Abundant Positive Outcomes Impossible to Count In Cash, To Grow Heaven On Earth Instead Now and Generations From Now Forever
·      Stop Blaming My God Erroneously for The Deadly Hell of Explosive Catastrophic Costs and Consequences Cruelly Caused By A Blinded and Stupid Cash-driven Dirty Dead-Energy Driven 1% That Have Crushed Life On Earth For More than 150 Years, A Cash-driven Privatizing, Deregulating, CostandRisk-Shifting For More than 35/40 Years Of by for More Private Rates of Human Cash of By For only 1% Causing Hell On Our Expense, A Blinded/Blinding Cash-driven 1% (Corporation-Driven “persons”) Crushing Even Their Own Children’s futures, Crushing Even Their Own Family’s Futures, Crushing Even Their Own Privatized Futures Stupidly, Paradoxically, Illogically..
·      Count More than Mechanical Artificial Privatized Rates of Human Cash into Privatized Accounts to Value the Uncountable Invaluable Impossible to Count In Human Rates of Cash of Empty Numbers That Crush Life On Earth
·      Employ Functional and Important Human Cash Systems As An Important Tool for Humans to Build Great Human Cities and Great Human Civilizations and Civil Government of a Rule Of Law Enough To Protect the Innocent Many Now and Generations From Now, to Balance Nature’s Productive Budget of Critical Flows Cycles Productivity Uncountable ….to Balance Humans’ Consumpmtive, Cash-driven, Crushing Budgets of Consumption of Privatied, Immediate, Obvious Walls, Barriers, Stones Enough….
·      Nurture And Value Life’s Hidden But Uncountable Wonders of Nature’s Hidden Genetic Potentials, Genius That Humans Need to Produce Enough Critical Flows Cycles Productivity Uncountable Of By For Nurturing Human Houses, Cell or Self or Family or Nation or Globe Enough to Grow Positives Enough To Consume Enough to Last Far Beyond the Obvious….to Survive Day to Day and Minute to MInte….to Grow Heaven On Earth For All 100% To Share Freely Enough to Survive and Thrive, Enough to Learn to Laugh With Wisdom Now and Generations from Now
·      Stop causing hell on earth
·      Grow heaven on earth instead, heaven impossible to count in mechanical rates of human cash
·      Free our selves, our many, our planet now from our selves

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